Commercial Loans

Bank Loans

Owner occupied or investments loans typically up to 85% LTV starting at $500K – $30M.  Restricted by 1.25 Debt service constraint.  Terms range from 1 – 15 year fixed, with 25-year maximum amortization. 

Life Company

These loan products offer long term fixed rates typically up to 70% LTV, with loan amounts ranging from $1M – $100M.  Loans are non-recourse, with up to 30-year amortization.  The prepayment penalty is typically yield maintenance or a step down prepay for the term of the loan.

CMBS Loans

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities – CMBS loans typically go up to 75% loan to value on most commercial assets, and will lend in many areas, that Life Companies and Banks may not lend.  Terms are for 10 years with up to 30-year amortization.  Loan amounts range from $5M – $300M.