Forbix Financial is part of a small licensed by the U.S. Department of Contact our Team group of commercial lenders that is Housing and Urban Development.


Forbix Financial is a direct multifamily lender.  The principals at Forbix have been financing, building and developing multi-family properties for two decades.  We have personal consumer experience on our own properties for most of the products we offer, including FHA 35 year fixed, FNMA (DUS) Loans, Small Balance Freddie Loans, Conventional Bank and Construction Loans, as well as numerous bridge products.  We are delighted to be “the Guinea Pig” for you for these products and explain the pros and the cons in simple terms, the details you won’t be able to find in a “term sheet.”

Unlike most banks, most of our loan products are non-recourse and our primary focus is the cash flow from the property.  Personal income taxes are not required for underwriting.

Loan Types


Typically 30-year fixed loans with only 3% as a minimum down payment.  Loans range from $50,000 – $1,212,000.  The conforming loan amounts differ from Single Family Homes to 4 Unit properties.  Conforming rates are typically cheaper than super conforming rates for larger loan amounts.



Fixed and variable rates for larger loan amounts.  Start at $650,000 or higher and can be up to $30,000,000 on a case by case basis.  The higher the loan amount the larger the down payment requirements.



Loans geared toward investors with many properties financed.  FNMA and FREDDIEMAC limit you at a total of 10 properties financed. We have blanket portfolio loans for nationwide portfolios as well as investor qualifiers.  Use rental income from property to qualify and you don’t need to show personal tax returns.